When advertising works and why creativity matters?


Today’s streets, television and internet contains millions of ads which forces us to empty our wallets as fast as possible.

Some of them are targeted to the right audience through appropriate advertising channel, however, majority of ads are irrelevant, boring and even destructive.

The real problem of advertising materials is its irrelevance vs quantity of advertising message people receive per day. Nowadays it is almost impossible to reach to targeted audience effectively in $522 billion industry without a content which is novel, valuable, meaningful and appropriate.

Advantages of Creative Advertising

Considering the fact that today it is much more expensive to distribute an ad material than creating it, it is appropriate to pay attention on factors which helps to make high quality advertising and also take into account its advantages.

Let’s see some advantages of having a truly creative advertising;

1. It’s eye-catching


Human mind is being exposed hundreds of advertising posters, texts and videos every day. Our brains cannot process 3000 information attacks per day and it is barrier for advertisers to be effective. This kind of information overload makes people to be immunized towards ads and the only way to get an attention of an audience is the talent of beautifully connecting ideas which are different but tell a story while are brought together.

The virtuosity of composing a unique billboard or a video from totally different elements makes an ad impossible to ignore.

2. It’s engaging

Connecting Coca-Cola with the process of watching Football was one of the most successful strategic steps in Coke’s advertising history which was the result of an effort of McCann Advertising Agency.

A billboard created in 2010 and placed in underground in Rio de Janeiro made every single passer by to play with it. Two lenticular lighted panels were installed in subway stations to mimic “The Wave”, the celebration of Brazilian fans. Those walking past the panel will see the Gigantic Wave forming right before their eyes as they pass the 16 meter long panel.

3. It’s Memorable


Who will forget the brand which helped this chicken look so gorgeous? It is not because of the fact that Braun is a well known brand but because people question more when they see that unusual beautiful hairstyle on a chicken and they find the answer on the right side of the billboard which is impossible to ignore as it makes remember not only the brand name but also the story behind it.

4. It’s Valuable

Recently, during the meeting with Gregory Birbil, the CEO of McCann Ericsson in American University of Armenia I have learnt that the idea of a wave done by fans which we see in almost every Football match was created by a Coke ad during World Cup held in Mexico by McCann staff.

Isn’t it valuable when the ad is not only an ad but a something which created a tradition?

Another example is the recent ad by AXE called ‘Make Love, Not War’ which proves that such powerful tool as advertising can also be used to spread an important, valuable and socially responsible message. Such approach makes the ad both memorable and engaging.

Imagine every ad that you’ve been exposed telling you something valuable and useful. Won’t it become a part of education process?

5. It easily goes viral

Advertising which quickly finds its audience itself is the most cost effective advertising. People share millions of videos, banners and phrases on internet and part of this interesting content are ads. Today word of mouth marketing became even more powerful with the development of different social media websites and majority of forward looking companies use this opportunity wisely.

For instance, Budwaeser’s recent ‘Puppy Love’ ad which has more than 1.1 million shares or Melbourne Metro’s ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ with nearly 180k shares clearly show that the advertising which is meaningful, relevant and valuable will find the right audience itself which means with no or minimum distribution costs. Accordingly, it is extremely effective because the cost of distribution of an ad to 1 million targeted audience costs millions of dollars and, in the interim, with no guarantee of success.

People like to share advertisement when it is original and novel because it makes them to feel that they are ‘in the know’. — P. Ketelaar

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