9 Important things to consider while creating a WordPress website


Today it is extremely easy for anyone to create a website/blog through WordPress in a few minutes. However, there are common mistakes that majority of WP users are making which is vital for websites’ safety, reputation, continuous improvement and image. 

To make your website look professional, be safe and become famous as soon as possible you must consider few things before launching it. 

#1 Change default username 

It is a very dangerous mistake to use the default admin “admin” as it can be used to hack your website by hackers. Change the default username in your admin panel and use different personalized one to avoid losing your website data. 

#2 Use appropriate WP theme 

Spend some time to do an appropriate research and find a suitable WordPress theme for the website you want to build. It is very important to make sure that the theme you chose/bought supports all functional parts your future website needs. 

There are different marketplaces where you can buy suitable ready theme. I personally use themeforest.com. 

#3 Responsive design 

Make sure the website is responsive and user friendly for mobile and tablet users. It is a miserable experience for users when they come across with mobile unfriendly website on their devices. This will help you to increase your traffic as today huge number of internet users use mobile devices for browsing websites. 

To make sure that you theme is supporting responsive layout just read the description of the theme before purchasing it. 

#4 Use Universal Analytics 

Without collecting data about your visitors and their navigation behavior in your website it is impossible to be successful and grow your online  assets. Universal Analytics powered by Google allows to track almost any action visitors take in your website which can be easily analyzed and used in your future strategy. 

Also, it allows to create customized and scheduled report for the convenience of you and your team. Just open a UA account and insert the generated code before closing the </head> tag in your HTML code. Most if the WordPress websites have an appropriate window in the admin panel where you can paste the code. 

#5 Update plugins and wordpress when necessary 

Do not ignore your plugin and WordPress updates as it is the most vulnerable part of WP websites. Ignoring these updates can leave a some bugs in the website and can be easily hacked. 

#6 Use post/page name permalinks 

Change the default permalink settings which just gives numbers to your posts and pages which obviously is not SEO friendly as search engine crawl slugs of your website and it is the part of good SEO strategy.  

Go to the permalinks section under the settings, tick post/page name option and click save. 

#7 Favicon, IOS icon, Tagline 

These are things which creates a good image of a website. Personalized favicon, tagline and IOS icon delivers nice user experience. Also, tagline is something which is being indexed by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) which means it is unlikely that default one will give the website better SEO reputation. 

To create a favicon or an IOS icon you can just upload your logo to any icon creating website which will give you an appropriate size and format icon you need. 

#8 Image optimization 

As we all know improving website speed is one of the most significant parts to create outstanding user friendly experience. Leaving the image in its original size may make your website too heavy and thus create a barrier for visitors to navigate in the website if they managed to open it. 

Make sure that every image in your website is optimized for web. You can reduce the size of an image files almost ten times from its original through Adobe Photoshop by saving an image for Web and Devices in the “file” section 

#9 Regularly download backups 

To be on a safe side download regular backups of your website and store it in a safe folder. If you have some difficulties with opening the website or its admin you can just restore it in your hosting account and save your data.

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