5 ways to drive high quality traffic to your Landing Page


My previous article was about ‘how to design a perfect landing page’ and due to a feedback from a reader I decided to write about the ways you can bring high quality traffic to your landing page. When we are speaking about a landing page (LP) we must always remember that the traffic which is being sent to it must be interested in the product or a service the LP offers. Otherwise it becomes a single page with offering nothing valuable for the visitor.

As LP usually can offer no more than one type of product and the product is intended to be sold to particular audience your market segment becomes narrower and this puts some limits to traffic sources.

Let’s go through some channels which will give you a desired traffic.

#1 Online Advertising through Ad Platforms

Advertising still remains the primary source of bringing an interested audience to your landing page as advertising platforms offer an appropriate data allowing them to deliver a message to the right segment at the right time. There are many different advertising platforms on the web, however, I will speak about few of them.


AdWords is Google’s ad platform for advertisers. It allows creating and delivering ‘display’ and ‘search’ ads. Both display and search ads allow to select a specific type of audience to target, however, search ads are more targeted as it delivers the message to people searching for specific things on google.

Good thing with AdWords is that it forces you to improve your landing page and make it as relevant as possible to the advertising message. The platform also assesses the style and structure of the LP which affects your quality score.

By creating a relevant message wich is coherent with the message on a landing page will help to bring a potential customer and monetize visits through the landing page.

Facebook Ads

Facebook offers an advertising platform which is similar to Google’s. The only major difference is that there are no search ads. It targets people based on their interests which FB identifies through different factors.

The logic is the same; relevant keywords, targeted message, customized LP and conversion follows.

Referral Ads

Another way of generating a targeted traffic to your LP is referral websites which are specialized in the sphere you are operating in. For instance, if you are selling a WordPress plugin you can place a banner in a blog or website related to blogging or WordPress websites. It also can be a plugin marketplace.

This helps to generate a traffic that is targeted and contains users interested in the specific product.

#2 Promoted banner on your website

If you have a website you can put a promoted banner on a page which is relevant to the message you included in the banner and LP. This will help to convert your website users and readers into customers or leads.

There are few things to consider when placing a banner on a website. Make sure you track the performance of the banner. In order to continuously improve its performance you have to understand the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate of the banner. To track such information just insert a Google Analytics tracking code inside the banner URL.

Also, the banner must have a design which is both suitable to the design of both your website and Landing Page.

#3 Email marketing

As a business selling online you must have some leads. If you don’t have a list of leads then start creating it as soon as possible as it is one of the primary sources to bring back interested customers. Returning customers are cost effective and they are more likely to make purchases.

Also, take into consideration that returning customers are looking for something else than new ones. It will be more effective to create a different message and LP for them.

#4 Promote your content on different free platforms

High quality content always helps interested audience have some deep understanding about programs and make faster decisions. Create a content describing and reviewing your product on free platforms such as SlideShare, Medium.com or Youtube.

These are platforms allow sharing an interesting information and engaging with millions of people.

#5 Affiliate Programs

You can always find people willing to bring some customers in return for a good reward. Create an affiliate program and pay bloggers and specialized websites for conversions.

This will increase your sales; however, this process is more complicated than others listed above as it requires some tracking software for you and affiliates.

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