11 steps to create a perfect Landing Page


1. Clean Design

Use bright colors unless you are not advertising luxury goods. Make sure that landing page (LP) colors are clearly prioritizing the structure of the LP and is not confusing.

2. Strong title

Make sure that LP title is clearly delivering the message targeted to the audience you pulled to visit your LP. It must be relevant and contain call to action. The title can also contain a sub title to kindly guide the user to receive the next message.

3. Clear message

The body text must be not too long. It must consist of two parts; 1) few bullet points in bold which will indicate your competitive advantages 2) additional information in a text format.

However, if you have a explanatory video on your LP you can skip the text.

4. Call to action

Make sure that all LP content including the title, sub-title, message and button contain call to action and is able to push visitors to convert ASAP.

5. Minimum external links

External links can be disruptive as it can move your visitors to another page without delivering the message. This mistake can be too costly. The only external link can be insterted on the Logo to help users find the official website of your company.

6. Competitive advantage

Clearly indicate what is distinguishing you from your competitors and what problem are you solving that no one is able to solve. To do this you must be strongly aware of the competition your are in at that moment.

7. Sense of urgency

If you have an exact offer and you included it on your LP you can create a sense of urgency in one simple sentence depending on a type of offer.

Only 3 days left!!!

This helps to put your visitors in a situation which requires to make an urgent decision which usually will either make them come back soon or influence an immediate conversion.

8. Sincere picture/video

Use a picture which visually illustrates your offer and makes it touchable. You can also use a video which can deliver all the message in a more entertaining way. However, if it is a video it must be the fast one which at the same time makes the user not to move their eyes from it.

9. Contact options

Include contact option through which visitors can contact you as easy as possible. It can be a life chat, tall free or/and a call back request.

10. Bigger registration form

If you are using a form for registrations it is necessary to put it on a right side of the LP. It can only be put on the left side if your users are Arabic speakers and LP is in Arabic.

Also, it is very important to make the typing windows on the form quite big as narrow ones don’t look comfortable.

11. Relevant keywords

All the content of the LP must be relevant to the advertising content through which you are bringing a traffic on it. It should clearly illustrate the link between the search and the result. Also, keywords must be highly relevant for the target group you chose. If you have different target groups (segments) it is better to create a different Landing Pages for each.

Relevant keywords increases conversion rates, decreases advertising costs and helps to have better ad positions if you are advertising your product through Google AdWords.

Here is the visual guide for your comfort.


Some points to take into account seriously!!!

  1. Do not create a Landing Page inside the body of your website
  2. Avoid disruptive hyperlinks in the text.
  3. Do not make the page to long. Minimum scrolling is more convenient.
  4. Avoid stock photos. It is not professional and creates a fake image.
  5. Never put sponsored ads on your Landing page

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